Hello Y Combinator!

We will be joining Y Combinator's Winter 2024 batch!

London, UK — Hello world! We are MAIHEM, providing robustness & risk simulations for your LLM-power applications.

We are excited to announce that we will be joining the Winter 2024 batch of Y Combinator! Not only will this allow our team to learn from the best startup builders in the world, it gives us the incredible opportunity to build our presence in the US market. In addition to YC, we are also proud to be backed by world leading tech investors Moonfire and 2100 Ventures.

At MAIHEM, we provide automated LLM performance, robustness, and safety evaluations – from pre-production to live-deployment. Using our proprietary AI safety technology, we are leveraging the power of real world and cutting-edge synthetic data. Our research has been published in some of the most prestigious NLP and AI safety conferences and journals. We are now excited to apply our know-how to the success of your company's AI journey.

Our team has over 15 years of AI research experience. We've built our generative AI and AI safety knowledge at world leading institutions such as the University of Oxford, MIT, Imperial College London, and the Alan Turing Institute. Furthermore, our team leverages the highest-calibre industry experience from past positions ranging from software development at Tesla to top-management strategy consulting at McKinsey & Company.

Is your company searching for automated and comprehensive safety and robustness tests for your LLM-powered applications? Do you need AI performance and robustness insights as well as product and user analytics that are tailored to your company? Reach out to our team at contact@maihem.ai or book a free demo with us.

MAIHEM - for safe, robust, and high performing AI

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